Monday, October 13, 2014

Sin and Evolution

Both sin and divine truths are essential ingredients in the search for meaning. Our mistakes is the mortar of our reality, reinforcing the pillars of our existense. Whitewashing them dilutes who we are. Eliminating them prevents our growth and this growth relates to the weight and quality of our virtues. Evolution has been replaced with stale reproduction. With social safetynets there is no need for virtues and all mistakes that are erasable lead to the decay of our nature.

I took this picture through the space between a door and the ground of an old plantation house in Virginia. My lens, a lonely invader searching for lost little bits of me. Scent of old wood and fresh rain perfumed the air. The old bricks and worn threshold stone mark the moments in time that still live inside of us. There is good and bad inside us and it will always be there but we are moving farther and father away from the human experience when we try to deny either one of them exclusively. All is lost when we attempt to erase any knowledge of our inevitable end and cleanse the world of pain and ugliness.