Sunday, April 27, 2014

The World Is Mine

It's Midnight.  The world is mine!.  The streets are mine without question.   I walk as the dark to swallows my world with me in it.   In it's belly, I roam without destination.   My destiny, ENLIGHTENMENT!   I am the king of the night Lord of the streets, Witness to Myself.  I am alive!

New York at Night

Millions of scenarios, schemes, angles and dreams taking place simultaneously.  The night is ripe for picking.  The streets are pregnant with adventure and discovery.   Dreams, heart breaks and new stories brewing inside dark alleys, dive bars and inside grungy yellow cabs.

I have always been here.

I have always been here.  Behind the scenes, I observe, learning your ways.   I will remain invisible in the shadows until you need me.