Monday, May 26, 2014

Master Thespian

Theater of life! You are the Master Thespian.  Performing your given script, you recite your lines with honesty and integrity. Playing the fool, the villain, or hero, you are a servant living a dream.  
Become the writer of you. Live live both from the stage and from the seat, for you are alone in the performance of your life. Allowing feelings and openness to take home inside you, need none, but this one single long performance. 

Cathedrals of NJ

The World is my church! I walk through cathedrals everywhere I go. Unable to escape it's reach I surrender to the simple act of being human. Love is my prayer but the scriptures are written in terrifying science. Blind joy comes with a price and love turns toxic. Awaken! and inherit your place in this earth.